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Feed Formulation Software

More efficiency and overview with FeedExpert, feed formulation software for the agricultural sector.

To provide good feed advice, at the moment you have to retrieve data from a variety of sources. Laborious, time-consuming, inefficient and inaccurate. Surely there’s a better way?

Ration comparison

Practical experience has shown us a number of examples where feed advisors have to retrieve their feed data from a variety of sources. Besides, the time feed advisors spend on this job is enormous. At the same time it’s difficult to draw a good comparison between the rations, because a common starting point is missing

Imagine how much time you could save if all data could be stored and retrieved from one place, which could give you a clear ration overview 

Developing such software takes years of (practical) experience and an expert developer who knows the market and understands what’s needed. This combination is exceptional, ensuring that such a solution cannot be created easily. The solution you’re looking for as a feed advisor is a user-friendly software program which provides:

  • A good comparison of rations
  • Clear graphic displays
  • A good bond with the client through collaboration

Development of feed formulation software

This is the basis on which we have developed FeedExpert. The combination of scientific research, practical experience and professional developers means that FeedExpert has evolved to become the world’s best feed formulation software. A reliable and user-friendly dietary calculation program. Features like roughage analysis and milk testing import, ensure ease of use and a clear overview of all given advice. This lets the agrarian advisor easily draw up individual and tailored dietary advice.

Characteristics of FeedExpert

  • With FeedExpert it’s very easy to create the same types of standards. This makes creating a good ration comparison easy.
  • It’s possible to work together with the farmer to determine a feed strategy. When using clear graphic displays, the farmer can be given the opportunity to think along with your ideas for the best possible solution
  • You work on the client bond.
  • All data can be retrieved from one place, so that you can work more efficiently and save time.

With FeedExpert you get a dietary calculation program set up in such a way that it’s the ideal assistant for you as a feed specialist. You get clear graphic illustrations to provide unambiguous dietary advice. You also get just one place from which you can retrieve all the feed data, enabling a good comparison of rations. And naturally you also have access to our specialist helpdesk for all your queries, ideas and comments.

Would you like to learn more about FeedExpert? Then leave us your details and we will arrange for our advisor to call you back. Naturally you are also welcome to get in touch with us yourself through or by calling +31 (0)528 223535.

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