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As a feed advisor you frequently face the same problems:
Data needs to be retrieved from a variety of sources
Data needs to be exchangeable between colleagues
You miss having a clear graphical overview
Communication with the farmer is not going well

These problems can easily be resolved with FeedExpert by Rovecom.

Feed formulation software which ensures ease, efficiency and time savings.

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Why FeedExpert

Balancing your livestock with our feed formulation software

Balancing your livestock with user-friendly feed formulation software

Scientific approach to feed ration calculation

Scientific approach to feed ration calculation

Personalized feed advice from expert counselors

Personalised feed advice

Features of FeedExpert

FeedExpert Company

Company example

Company screen


Use a flexible list to choose the company for which the calculation must be made.

FeedExpert Feed stuff

Feed stuff example

FeedExpert Feed stuff screen


The feedstuff list can be made client-specific at the company level.

FeedExpert Production

Production example

FeedExpert Production screen


The ration calculation takes account of the entered average company production.

FeedExpert Ration

Ration example

FeedExpert Ration screen


A variety of ration options are possible, including MPR which is available in the standard version.

FeedExpert Data exchange

Data exchange example

FeedExpert Data exchange screen

Data Exchange

With colleagues, but also entering laboratory data like roughage analyses and milk tests.

FeedExpert Ration comparison

Ration example

FeedExpert Ration exchange screen

Ration comparison

Useful when switching to a new feedstuff, for instance.

Customers we serve

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Feed industry

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Feed consultants



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Mineral suppliers

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Dairy industry